Reflections on Preprints (After >1 Year)

I’ve had this post brewing, as an update on my previous “Preprint Journey” post, for some time, since we hit the 1 year anniversary of our first preprint. ChemRxiv’s 2nd birthday finally got me off my schneid: Today is ChemRxiv’s second anniversary — and my how we’ve grown! 24 months, 2.5 million+ views & downloads, 2200+ preprints, 800+ revisions, 1 amazing community of chemists! We have some incredible preprints coming today and look forward to celebrating with you!

Our preprint journey

So now that the manuscript has been published: The manuscript that started our #preprints @ChemRxiv journey (seems like a good topic for a blog post) is accepted and online #EurPolmJ #matsci #polymersci — Peter Sobolewski (@psobolewskiPhD) August 8, 2018 I figure it’s a good time to talk about the journey and preprints in general. This manuscript covers copolyester nanocomposites prepared by Zygmunt Staniszewski during his PhD, within the ElastoKard project (sorry, no English) aimed at developing elastomeric polymeric biomaterials for use in heart assist devices in partnership with the Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development.